lalala, DOOJOON IS CUTE! >.<
Friday, January 28, 2011
4:13 PM

Dear you, please say hi to me.
Dear E-Jump, please love Beast more.
Dear SYSTM, please be happy.
Dear me, please behave yourself.
Dear YA-HA, please stay forever.
Dear family, please stay healthy.
Dear Allah, please bless me.
Dear SPM results, please be good.

Dear Facebook, please kick my ass. Loools!
Dear blog, please stay alive.
Dear Kpop. please make me smile.

Dear BEAST, please come here again.
Dear Doojoonie, please love me.
Dear Doojoonie, please married Yang Yoseob. ^^
Dear Yang Seob, please give me your cheeks. -pinches your cheeks-
Dear Yang Seob, please accept Doojoonie as your husband. ^^
Dear Dooseob, please stay forever because I love you and you.
Dear Hyunseungie, please give me your pretty face.
Dear Yong Junnie, please rap for me.
Dear Kiki, please be the dumbKwang forever.

Dear SHINee, please appear on TV more.
Dear Ondubu, please confess your love to me.
Dear Taeminie, please grow up fast.

Dear Big Bang, please comeback.
Dear G-Dragon, please keep on making awesome musics.
Dear Seungri, please be the panda for me.

Dear JoKwon, please keep on with your ssanti.

Dear Smart Reader Kids, please listen to me.

Dear B2R Forum, please stay alive and I'll keep on donating.
Dear B2STLY SUBBERS, please subs the videos quickly because I can't wait anymore. Hehehe

Dear Ika sweetie, please stay by my side.
Dear Faith, please dance with me! HAHAHA
Dear Jaemin, please look at my application for the reviewer position.
Dear Naomi, please love Key more than Jonghyun.
Dear Faiz honey, please stay away from my Doojoonie. Lollls
Dear Bulat, please be my teacher.
Dear friends, please adore me.

Dear Seoul, please wait for me.
Dear LG Lollipop, please wait for a little while.
Dear BEAST's CDs, please wait for me to buy you.
Dear B2UTIES, please keep on supporting B2ST!
Dear fanfic, please produce more good writers.
Dear everyone, please take good care of me.


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Sunday, October 17, 2010
2:28 PM

It's been a year. Time does fly in seconds. I thought I've just started to love them. -sighs- So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my babies~ BEAST's first anniversary. BEAST is one year old kid. Kekeke. Ahhh, so cute~ -giggles- In this one year, they really improve a lot and they work so hard for the comeback and the tour around Asia and everything. They are just awesome. They changed a lot! From B2ST to the VERY B2ST! JJANG!
The one that really improve a lot will be the MAKNAE! Dongwoonie did a good job and I'm proud of him. ^^ They cameback with 'SOOM' and seriously, Dongwoon improve so much. Everyone did a good job. And I'm so proud of you, Yoseobie. After the surgery and you can still sing so well. In their busy schedules, Doojoonie and Kikwangie; they managed to get their butt to practice and everything. Man! You guys are just LOVE! The hottest rapper with his chubby cheeks is just HOTT! YongJunhyung is FREAKING HOTHOTHOT! Hyunseungie, no matter what, you're the sleeping prince. But you're so beautiful in the video~ And the cute furry thing on your wrist! -screams-
The Part 2 of 'Mastermind' on November and 'Welcome to B2ST Airline' concert on December. Work hard, babies. You guys are just COOL! Kekeke.


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
3:42 PM

What to do, you USED to hate him and USED to love him. Hahaha. And I know there's nothing I can do. Hukhuk... Look at his eyes, wahh~ Like Ilala always used to say "His eyes are BIG!" I LOVE YOON LEADER! It seems like Doojoon comes first than only Ondubu. -sighs- And I think I won't be able to hang out at B2STRISING anymore, until my SPM is over. -screams-
No Dooseob moment anymore~! And I might die because of that! -nosebleed- Aigoo, when Junhyung and Kikwang started to 'get along' so well. Heehee~
Doojoon-ah, why are you so good looking? -sighs- Doojoon and ONEDAY? Heck no way! He deserves to be BEAST's leader and to be with Yoseob. HAHAHA!
DoojoonlovesYoseob! The reality of my life and I have to accept it. ^^

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Sunday, September 26, 2010
1:46 AM

HA.HA.HA! And guess what, I don't know how I actually feel right now. It's night and you know people will always go crazy at night. XDD~! I know you know what I mean. It's not hard to understand English, right? Well, how do I get rid of these feelings? The happy plus upset plus angry plus unknown. Hmm, I don't think there will be any way for me to handle it. But I'm fine. ^^
First week of trial, does it count as a week? Hah! We're only having our exam for 2 days. Next week will be the real challenge. Biology, History and Addmath; won't them kill you right away? Oh God, I really need a break. HAHAHA, a break? I had enough of that. Kekeke. I mean just, I don't wanna sit for my trial and SPM! NO WAYYYYY~
The only person that is on my mind now is IKA! I'll talk about her. I met her about a month ago at B2STRISING and we're so closed now. I LOVE HER! Well, she loves Kikwang more than me, duhh~ Hahaha. And she is so like me, well not really but she has the same brain as mine. LMAO~! How ridiculous I am! She loves the DOOSEOB and the JUNSEUNG and the KIWOON. A weirdo just like me, has a perverted mind just like me. Lolls...
I feel like writing but I don't know what should I write. So random things like these are FUNN! Basically, BEAST is coming back after the Chuseok. The CLENCHING MY FIST TIGHT is AWESOME even though Yoseob doesn't sound like him. -cries- I WANT MY YANG YOSEOB BACK!!! He'll come back, soon. ^^
September 30 will be the date! It's late now and yeah! I didn't update the picture of the week for so long. Sorryyyyy~ ^^"""
I'll start it back once I finish my trial. With good pictures. Be anticipate!
Currently is 1:59 AM, so better go to bed. BYE-YEOM!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
4:51 PM

Can someone please kill me? OHMYGOD!! How can he be so damn cute! The cutest human being on earth is YANG YOSEOB! For heaven's sake, don't you think that he is just too cute to be a human especially a boy? Tell me about it. I am so serious, he tied his hair and and and he just made me fell for his cuteness. -screams- Yoseobie is CUTE and that's the fact. No one can ever take that status of Yoseob's as the cutest human being on earth.
Take a deep breath. In....and out... AHHHH!!! Yoseob is a cutie pie! I voted for Kiki as the cutest and I'm kinda regret. Seobie is the cutest, Kiki comes second. hukhuk... I'm going to take it back and giving it to YANGYO! My favorite is the second picture~! That is the real cutie pie, Yoseobie. ^^


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Sunday, August 29, 2010
9:56 PM

TADA~! Picture of the week! Yoseobie, Kikwangie and Doojoonie. Aren't they CUTE!! Dooseob and Dookwang. Kekeke. Lately, Dookwang seems cuter and sweeter than Dooseob and I just don't know why. ^^ This isn't a new picture, it was months ago but I just LIKE IT SO MUCH!!! Dookwang part in 'Special' is the 'Non-stop and POP POP!' Hahaha, Dookwang and Dookwang. Anyways, this is the picture of the week like I said

Hyunseungie's birthday on Friday! B2UTY gonna celebrate his birthday. Hukhuk... I guess I'll just celebrate at the B2STRISING instead of going out with MyB2UTY. -sigh-
It's 10.15 at night, BED TIME! ^^


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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
11:35 PM

Okay, I miss them. Seriously, I MISS MY BIG BANG OPPAS~! But still, SEUNGRI BABY!!! The fact that I need to accept about my panda:
-he's not the cute maknae anymore
-he's hot!
-he lost his pandaness TT______TT

Aigoo, maybe I really need to accept that he's a grown up guy, not a boy.hukhuk... But I don't care, he is still my PANDA! Hahaha. Jiyongie oppa rocks! I love his hair so damn much, he's cool!!! XDD~! Nothing really change about Taeyang and TOP. But DAESUNGIE!!! I don't really like his hair. It's somehow...weird. =.=""
Beautiful Hangover, I've just heard of it. For my first time, it's okay. But I don't know later on. We can never imagine what will happen next, right? Just like BIG BANG's Hands Up, at first it's funny, but it turned out GOOD! =)
The conclusion, I MISS BIG BANG! I miss being the VIP. -sighs-

As for now, BEAST Is The B2ST! As for now, I'm B2UTY and slighty Showal? I can be both, right? Hahaha.
Kikwang made a statement that "I'll never grow taller anywyas." =)

Currently, it's 11:47PM (My time). It's time to go to bed.

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It's Me!

Hi, Yuuri's here. I'm a high school student and going to sit on an important exam which I totally hate it! Whoever thinks that I'm a weirdo, go ahead because I am...^^ Being me is hard but I like it...=] At least I know that I love myself... LOLLs~!!! If you really ask me what am I good at? That will definitely be imagination...^^v Keep on with the quote 'Be brave like G the Dragon, have a rocking Tempo,have a beautiful Sol, have a nice D-Lite smile, and with that, you'll have your V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. XD


» My Name::Chang@Dong Yuuri aka emychan aka SeungYuuRi aka Omi-tan
» Call me::Yuuri ^^
» I am::17 years old
» I was born::December 9 1993
» Love [Husband; FiancĂ©]::ONEW, SEUNGRI
» Love [Soon to be Husband]::DOOJOON
» Love [Brothers]::KWON JIYONG [G-Dragon], YANG YOSEOB [Yoseob], DONG YOUNGBAE [Taeyang], KIM HEECHUL
» Likes[M]::SHINee, BEAST, BIGBANG, 2 PM, SUJU, MBLAQ, FT Island, CN Blue, An Cafe
» Likes[F]::2NE1, Gummy, Son Dam Bi, G.NA, After School, SNSD, Danger Gang, Kanon Wakeshima


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